J Cabot Seth
Estate Planning & Probate
Military Law

J Cabot "J" Seth is particularly suited for his area of practice. Before he focused on wills, estates and probate litigation, he was a trial lawyer in the courts of South Carolina and even now represents clients in the military tribunals. With his knowledge of the beginning and end of dispute resolution, he has a penchant for anticipating the pitfalls that await the unwary client. Should conflict arise, he has proven to be both a powerful advocate and effective diplomat for his clients.

J's practice has taken him as far east as Kenya, Africa, and as far west as Hawaii. He has served as Sumter County Prosecutor and Sumter Municipal Judge. It was predictable that J eventually would focus his talents on wills, estates, social security and probate litigation. He has shown himself to be quite adept at moving from the "big picture" to the details to make the lives of his clients better. Because J can explain as well as he can understand, he is a sought after public speaker on these subjects.

J Cabot Seth is a long-time resident of Sumter, South Carolina and a graduate of Furman High School. He earned his A.B. degree from the University of Notre Dame in 1975 and his Juris Doctor from the University of South Carolina School of Law in 1977.

While at Notre Dame, J distinguished himself by making the dean's list, winning a monogram in track and field and attaining the position of the Cadet Commander of the AFROTC unit. He served active duty in the military for 4 1/2 years with the USAF Judge Advocate General Department, and he retired from the USAF Reserves as a Lt. Colonel in July 2003.

J is married and has five children, nineteen grandchildren and is an active members of St. Anne Church. He and his family have been very active in local civic and church affairs.

After his children, grandchildren and law firm, J is particularly proud of having founded, with his wife and others, two not-for-profit organizations -- Family Honor, Inc. (a values education organization for families) and St. Francis Xavier Schools, Inc. (an independent, private high school.)

"To see my clients benefit from what I have done for them as a lawyer affords me deep satisfaction and fulfillment."
                                     --J Cabot Seth