In November of 1980, Richard C. "Dickie" Jones began the practice of law in Sumter, South Carolina. Until his high school teammate, J Cabot Seth, returned home from service in the Air Force Judge Advocate General's office in 1983, Mr. Jones flew solo. The two young lawyers immersed themselves in community service and earned confidence and trust that resulted in a burgeoning young law firm. In 1985, Dickie and J formed the partnership of Jones & Seth. In 1993 they began to focus on their respecitve areas of practice. Dickie has limited his practice to injury cases, criminal defense, civil claims and jury trial work. J shifted his litigation practice to estates, wills, probate, social security and workers compensation. In 2000, Rick Jones came right out of law school to be involved in litigation as well. Rick made family court litigation his focus in 2002, and became a partner in 2006.

   More than 30 years have passed since that first day in November of 1980. With each day that passes, this law firm gets better and better.

"When we started in 1980, we had more confidence than we should have had. We had to grow up fast as lawyers. As it turns out, the path we took has made our lives richer and our clients better served."

--Dickie Jones